We have been and will be working on to realize such a new workplace

yOur workplace policyz

We, Kawasaki Heavy Industries Committee of the Japanese Communist Party in companies of the group of Kawasaki Heavy Industries and their affiliated companies, are acting to realize such workplaces as the place gwhere everybody is respected as humankind, and his health and safety is well protected carefullyh.
As for the important issues related to the lives and human rights of the workers, we have been making our opinions and policies in public and acting in order to solve the issues favorably. We are confident that our activities would contribute to sound development of even the companies and also local and national society in Japan.

Sometime we receive the questions like ghow the companies can survive through the severe international competition, should the companies follow the opinions and policies of the Communist Party?h However, some say they are anxious about the coming future whether it is sustainable by keeping todayfs working style and companiesf business style.

To response such questions and anxieties, we prepare the booklet for all of you, where we show our recognition about, to begin with the meaning of gworkh, companies and labor unions, and our action plan from now on how to change the companies and the workplaces.